I’m a curious & empathetic geek who empowers people to learn, innovate and perform.


Hello and welcome

My name’s Arun,

At the heart of everything, I’m an extremely curious, empathetic and geeky human.

Beyond that I’m an experienced learning, performance and innovation strategist, having developed solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies.

I was recognised by the AITD as Australia’s Learning Professional of the Year in 2017 and I’ve developed an international reputation, particularly for my work in enabling learning agility and using design thinking to co-design innovative and impactful blended learning solutions. I have broad experience in emerging technologies and am an unashamed geek when it comes to learning science, cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, marketing and anything that provides insights into how people think, behave and change. Importantly, I’m adept at translating my diverse tech and geek knowledge into impactful strategies.

Curious? Feel free to explore my blog to preview my approach and download some cool tools. Interested in a crash course in learning agility? Check out Learn2Learn, I’ve recently made this resource totally free with no sign-ups so you can check it out right now. And be sure to check out my latest project — ModelThinkers,  which empowers you to be smarter, faster, with an actionable playbook of the world’s most powerful ideas. I’m REALLY excited about ModelThinkers so please do check it out.


PLEASE NOTE — I am no longer available for consulting gigs as I’ve taken a role as GM of Learning @ ANZ.

I’m still building ModelThinkers so be sure to stay in touch with me via the free ModelThinkers newsletter that I continue to write every weekend :).


These services are currently unavailable – though you can still access Learn2Learn and ModelThinkers.

Learning Design & Strategy

Co-designing digital and blended learning campaigns. Aligning and enabling learning, performance & business strategy.


Keynotes & Presentations

Engaging keynotes on the future of work, future of learning, developing learning agility, design thinking and more. Funny, insightful and actionable!


Workshops & Training

A range of engaging workshops including ‘From Order Taker to Performance Partner for L&D’; ‘Crash Course in Design Thinking’; and Developing Learning Agility’. Custom workshops and training available.


ModelThinkers & Learn2Learn

Learn2Learn is a free web app to develop learning agility. And ModelThinkers is an actionable playbook of the world’s most powerful ideas to be smarter, faster.


Past Clients Include



Arun is a learning guru!
Arun cannot only speak to the science of learning he can also apply this knowledge to build world class learning solutions.
I would recommend Arun to any organisation
who would like to benefit from behavioural change as a result of Arun designing a 70:20:10 learning solution.

Beth Hall

COTTON ON, Head of Group Uni.

“Arun is a true business partner and thought leader in learning, workforce capability future proofing and innovative learning design solutions that transforms the employee experience.
He is my “go to guy” for creative problem solving, human centred design practices in learning design, strategy development and presenting.
As an intelligent, brave and thought-provoking professional, Arun’s work shifts the dial from how it has always been done, to how needs to be done to lead an organisation into the future.”

Kathy Farkas

BUPA, Head of Learning

Arun is one of those people at the leading edge of the ‘new world’ of learning. He brings his understanding of technology, learning and neuroscience to design new ways to exploit learning in the daily workflow.
His deep understanding of what makes learning and performance ‘tick’ and his natural creativity is obvious to anyone who knows him.
I would thoroughly recommend Arun’s expertise in this domain.”

Charles Jennings

70:20:10 INSTITUTE, Co-Founder.

“Having initially embraced 70/20/10 as a framework for blended learning design, Arun has taken this to a new level with the adaption of a design thinking approach to learning programs which is shifting the needle from delivering learning outcomes to performance outcomes.
In this regard Arun is rightly being recognised as a global thought leader.”

Simon Hann

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS ANZ, Group Executive, Education & Learning.

“Arun’s ability, and courage to ask the difficult questions to unearth the real problems, coupled with his creative approach to designing a solution, means the end product always results in a better learner experience and performance outcome.
Arun is a pleasure to work with and I always walk away from every conversations having learned something new. I have no hesitation in recommending Arun if you are looking for an innovative and skilled learning professional to partner with.”

Julie Owens

ANZ, Head of Conduct Centre of Excellence

“Arun is a pragmatic learning professional who challenges the status quo and encourages different ways of thinking in a holistic manner and still pays attention to minor details.
Arun is known as a thought leader and personable – two qualities that define him completely.
As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Arun is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him for a any learning intervention at any organisation that chooses to take benefit from his diverse skills.”

Jonathan Millen

MEDIBANK, Training Manager

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Interviews with Arun

Neuroscience & Learning

A novel comic-styled interview by Learnovators, covering neuroscience, learning design and the launch of learn2learn. From Nov 2016.


Lifelong Learning

A written interview conducted by Jeffrey Dalto, this explores lifelong learning and learning agility. From Jan 2018.

Design Thinking for Learning

The Learning Hook Podcast interview on design thinking tips and designing blended learning for performance. From Feb 2018.

How do I develop Learning Agility?

This interview has become one of Good Practice’s most popular podcast episodes, exploring the art of learning agility.

Making of Learn2Learn

The Learning Uncut podcast explores behind the scenes of Learn2Learn and developing learning agility at scale. From 2019

Digital learning & Design Thinking

This short video-based interview explored using design thinking for digital learning. From 2019, featured in the FutureLearn Transforming Digital Learning MOOC.

Free Tools

Learning Event Canvas

Use this handy A4 canvas to get the most from your next conference, workshop or event.
Download the Learning Event Canvas here. 

Performance Design Canvas

A double sided A3 page canvas that supports learning and performance design. From gap analysis to solution design.
Download the Performance Design Canvas here. 

Continuous Learning Canvas

An A3 canvas to help you commit to deeper and more effective continuous learning. 
Download the Continuous Learning Canvas here. 

Featured Articles & Infographics


Vist my blog here for all my articles & infographics and just check out some of the highlights below.

Learning Agility in an Age of Augmentation.

From mammoths to AI chess games, this article examines how to future-proof ourselves in an age of disruption.

Infographic: If Learning was Water

A classic infographic with a slightly soggy metaphor. It’s an old one but I updated it slightly recently. 

Learning in a High Performance Ecosystem

The crowdsourcing of a powerful model to represent high performance ecosystems, one of my most used images.

Design Thinking for Learning Innovation

An article and video filmed a few years ago outlining my end-to-end process for incorporating design thinking for learning innovation.

Cartoon: The New Modern Learning Styles

Are you sick of the persistence of learning style conversations despite the evidence against them? Try these new hillarious versions!

Dear Training, A Breakup Letter from L&D

One of my first articles, written in 2015, a parody about the major shift that L&D professionals must make.

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