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I’m an entertaining and insightful presenter. 



I am an in-demand keynote speaker, having keynoted for AITD, Gartner (CEB), Westpac, Bank West, The Ara Institute, Totara and many more. In addition I’m a regular presenter for a range of organisations and conferences.

I’m well known for delivering engaging and highly interactive virtual or in-person presentations. 

Speaking topics include:

  • THE FUTURE OF WORK & LEARNING:  including key trends and skills to future-proof yourself and organisation.

  • CREATIVE THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING: Using mental models to boost your thinking, creativity and decision making.

  • LEARNING AGILITY & ADAPTABILITY: dealing with, leading and embodying change through disruption.

  • DESIGN THINKING: co-design and collaboration for complex projects and innovation.

  • PRODUCTIVITY HACKS: how to work smarter, faster and avoid overwhelm.

  • THE ART OF NUDGING: A crash course in behavioural economics.

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Some of my offers include:

Learning Agility at Scale

Learn2Learn for Enterprise.
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Blended Learning Solutions

Evidence-based approaches to digital & F2F solutions

Future of Work Keynotes

Practical future-proofing strategies in an era of disruption

Co-Design Workshops

Design thinking facilitation for complex challenges

Learning Strategy

Modern learning strategies aligned with business priorities

Performance Consulting Workshop

Capability uplift for L&D teams

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Learn2Learn for Enterprise

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