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Introducing Learn2Learn

Learn2Learn began as a crowd-funded consumer based app and has grown into an enterprise solution that supports learning agility and innovation at scale.You can find out more via the video below or the Learn2LearnApp website here.

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Some of my offers include:

Learning Agility at Scale

Learn2Learn for Enterprise.
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Blended Learning Solutions

Evidence-based approaches to digital & F2F solutions

Future of Work Keynotes

Practical future-proofing strategies in an era of disruption

Co-Design Workshops

Design thinking facilitation for complex challenges

Learning Strategy

Modern learning strategies aligned with business priorities

Performance Consulting Workshop

Capability uplift for L&D teams

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Can’t believe some of the tripe I’m seeing on LinkedIn. Please, Learning & Development people, you DO NOT NEED TO CREATE COURSES TO HELP YOUR PEOPLE WORK FROM HOME! Certainly not with an assessment. Geez. Please STOP πŸ›‘ this ludicrousness now.

Announcing the inaugural L&D CONFERENCE 2020. A bold attempt to reinvigorate conferences with a major energy and learning boost. With top L&D experts from around the world. So proud to be a part of this!!


#LearningandDevelopment #TrainingAndDevelopment

For those moving to virtual learning, a reminder that 'blended' can be virtual - if we focus on blending different elements to scaffold and shift work.

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