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Introducing ModelThinkers! Be Smarter. Faster.

ModelThinkers is my new venture – an actionable playbook of the world’s most powerful ideas.

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Learn2Learn began as a crowd-funded consumer based app, grew into an enterprise solution that supports learning agility and innovation at scale and now has been released as a FREE online solution! Visit Learn2Learn for free right now – no sign ups, no strings attached.

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Some of my offers include:

Learning Agility at Scale

Learn2Learn for Enterprise.
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Blended Learning Solutions

Evidence-based approaches to digital & F2F solutions

Future of Work Keynotes

Practical future-proofing strategies in an era of disruption

Co-Design Workshops

Design thinking facilitation for complex challenges

Learning Strategy

Modern learning strategies aligned with business priorities

Performance Consulting Workshop

Capability uplift for L&D teams

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You know when you see an amazing impression... It leaves an amazing impression...

ROBIN Test Footage Scene via @YouTube

Popularised by the likes of @danpfeiffer and @davidaxelrod during the Obama administration, it's time to explore our new model, Permission Structures and the art of changing minds.

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My family life. After an absolutely hilarious joke with perfect timing that I just made...

12yr son: "How are you even married?"

Wife of 26 years to son: "Does it give you hope?"

So not appreciated with this audience.

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