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Facilitation and Co-Design

I offer a range of customisable workshops that are listed on this page, but please contact me if you had something else in mind. In addition to these ‘training’ workshops, I also facilitate co-design sesssions to help overcome complex challenges on a range of topics and issues. 

Workshop: Design for Performance  

I have delivered versions of this performance consulting workshop across Australia and the US to broad acclaim. It provides practical skills to shift L&D functions away from course factories and towards developing modern learning strategies. 

Drawing on design thinking, behavioural economics and traditional performance consulting, some of the topics covered include how to: 

  • Reframe ‘order-taker’ styled requests to performance ones. 
  • Co-design and manage stakeholders. 
  • Use design thinking approaches including personas and journey maps.
  • Shift from consulting to innovative and pragmatic solutions.
  • Leverage evidence-based learning approaches

The workshop leverages the Performance Design Canvas and includes a 15 page reference guide for participants. The workshop is available as an in-house offer, ideally face to face, with virtual options available upon request. Not in a team? Register your interest as I’ll be running a series of public workshops in 2020. 

Contact me to find out more about this workshop today. 

Some testimonials: 

“Looking for practical ways to shift from being an order taker in your business to a kick arse performance partner that communicates with impact? Then this workshop is for you!”
– RENATTA ALEXANDER, Bank of New Zealand, Manager of Enterprise Learning. 


“It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you will pick up useful tips and strategies that can be immediately applied back in your role.” 
– MARK FIELD, Telstra, Senior L&OD Specialist. 


“A session like this gives you the reflection and critical evaluation to see where you can continue to hone your craft, how to work more deeply with the business and deliver solutions that support and align to strategic business objectives.” 
– BELINDA HOLLAND, Woolworths, Capability Manager.


“The workshop provides you with a simple and practical framework for discussion with business partners. The framework enables you to diagnose what is at the heart of issues facing the business and identify the most appropriate solutions.”
– DIANE HICKMAN, Australian Public Service Commission, Centre for Leadership & Learning. 


Workshop: Developing Learning Agility and Innovation 

This is a flexible workshop that builds on the work I have achieved through developing Learn2Learn, a scalable solution to develop learning agility. The workshop can be held as part of a broader Learn2Learn rollout or as a stand alone offer.

The workshop covers a range of topics that can be customised and emphasised based on your current needs. Possible focuses include: 

  • Identifying personal learning goals and motivation
  • Basic brain hacks for productivity and learning
  • How to improve skills, fast
  • How to grow ‘intelligence’, critical thinking, and make better decisions
  • How to improve innovation and embrace a healthy, low impact approach to failure
  • Committing to a monthly learning contract for continuous improvement
  • How to lead learning agility at scale

The workshop combines practical instruction with the opportunity to apply principles to personal, team and organisational goals. It is relatively modular, and it is expected that consultation before the workshop will identify two to three priority areas to focus on. 

Part of the workshop delivery can include a keynote styled presentation that can be open to broader participation.  




Workshop: Design Thinking  

Rather than provide a workshop about design thinking, my preference is to support a diverse group of people in your organisation to use design thinking to solve a complex problem. This is a supported and structured opportunity to support your people to ‘get a fish’ and ‘learn how to fish’ along the way. These workshops are very customisable so please get in contact to discuss your needs. 


Workshop: Learning Strategy  

I support L&D teams to better align work to the business with evidence based, modern techniques. This co-design process empowers L&D teams to consider latest thinking and trends in formulating an impactful strategy. 

Interested? Please make contact today to discuss how I can help you. 



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