learning design and strategy

evidence-based strategies to enable behaviour change and performance

I’m an experienced digital and blended learning designer and strategist. 

My Design Approach

I bring a rare depth of experience – please view this site’s home page to review some of my testimonials and the many clients I’ve worked with. The main principles that guide my work are: 

  • Empathy. I was an early adopter and leader in the integration of design thinking and learning experience design, and I begin from a place of empathy and understanding for the audience group and other stakeholders. 
  • Co-design. I’m well known for taking diverse groups of people ‘on the journey’, providing the space and support for real input. I’m an expert facilitator, knowing when to provide space and guidance to reach outcomes.
  • Evidence-based. I am constantly researching the latest evidence-based findings in learning science, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology and other fields that provide insight into how to support behavioural change, innovation and performance. 
  • Innovation. Rather than focusing on narrow training or elearning interventions, I consider the broader experience, context and find creative opportunities to nudge, hack and reach the goals faster, with less cost. 
  • Performance focused. Importantly, my interventions are not about ‘great learning for learning sake’, they are clearly focused on achieving performance impact for the organisation/ group.

Learning Design 

I have broad experience in digital learning and designing powerful blended solutions where the interplay of informal, performance support, face-to-face and digital elments create a powerful, seamless experience. 

My co-design and empathetic approach helps ensure that we are addressing problems of real value and impact. Incidentally, I teach these methods (see the workshop section) and have done so to much acclaim across Australia and the US. 

Learning Strategy  

My unique combination of business acumen, learning science, technologicial nous and the ability to run empowering co-design solutions has seen me facilitate organisational discussions to establish learning strategy. This work has varied – from supporting one of the L&D teams from a Big 4 to reinvent its value proposition, organisational structure and strategy through an engaging co-design process, to supporting a large Australian member organisation transition from having a HR generalist to setting up a L&D function. 

I’m a Team Builder  

Finally, I have a track record for remaining calm and focused through stressful situations and challenging deadline. My grounded, consistent and human approach tends to bring out the best in the people and teams I have the opportunity to work with. 

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Some of my offers include:

Learning Agility at Scale

Learn2Learn for Enterprise.
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Blended Learning Solutions

Evidence-based approaches to digital & F2F solutions

Future of Work Keynotes

Practical future-proofing strategies in an era of disruption

Co-Design Workshops

Design thinking facilitation for complex challenges

Learning Strategy

Modern learning strategies aligned with business priorities

Performance Consulting Workshop

Capability uplift for L&D teams

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Learn2Learn for Enterprise

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